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M3 DS Real

$45.00 Released November, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Supports GBA homebrew with expansion pack. Supports larger 4GB+ MicroSD cards. Fits flush in to DS SLOT-1.

The Cons:Menu was better (clearer layout and more easily skinned) with M3 DS Simply. Slow loading and GUI with TouchPod firmware. GBA Expansion Pack severely drains battery (to 1 hour or so with a full charge) whether in use to play GBA games or not.

The M3 DS Real is a flash card adapter that can be used as to run homebrew Nintendo DS applications, and play media files (photos, videos, music) on the Nintendo DS Lite. It is one of many third-party rewritable game cartridge solutions that provide this functionality.

Product Shot 2 The M3 DS Real is one of the newest of such devices, and is referred to a "SLOT-1" device since it fits in DS game slot (SLOT-1) on the top of the DS Lite vs. the Game Boy Advance game slot (SLOT-2) at the bottom of the player.

How it works

This solution is one of the most comprehensive and simple DS homebrew solutions to come out so far. Earlier generations of DS homebrew adapters required were fairly confusing and were plagued with several issues: 1) DS/GBA compatibility issues, 2) they required flashing of the DS firmware, and 3) homebrew applications needed to be patched before use. All of these problems have been addressed with the latest M3 device. Simply, drag your homebrew and media files on to a MicroSDHC card (sold separately) with the included USB MicroSD reader attached to your PC, slide the MicroSD card into the M3 DS Real, and then power up the DS with the M3 DS loaded in the DS game slot. The M3 DS Real loads an interface that allows you to load homebrew applications/games and play media files stored on the MicroSD card.


  • 100% DS homebrew compatibility
  • Fits flush into SLOT-1
  • No patching required, DLDI auto-patcher
  • Upgradeable with new software releases from website
  • GBA compatibility with optional GBA expansion pack
  • Robust skinnable GUI
  • Supports high-capacity MicroSD cards (4GB+)
  • Built-in PassMe support
  • Includes Media-Ex application + Moonshell media player


  • Genuine M3 DS Real for Slot-1
  • USB MicroSD/TransFlash reader
  • Holder case
  • Box
  • GBA Expansion Device with RAM  for Slot-2 *
  • Rumble pack for Slot-2 *

* included with M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle


There is controversy surrounding this and other similar devices, since in the process of allowing the running of homebrew applications, the device can be used for piracy. Technically the software development kits used to develop the homebrew software are also subject to speculation since they are not officially licensed by Nintendo.

Pricing and Packages

The M3 DS Real retails for around $45 by itself, but is also available in several bundles that include SLOT-2 expansion packs. These packages can include (1) the SLOT-2 rumble pack, and/or (2) the SLOT-2 GBA expansion pack. The M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle includes both expansion packs and sells for around $65. The GBA expansion pack allows you to play GBA homebrew, and also adds RAM that is used to speed up homebrew applications, most notably the media player and the Web browser. The M3 DS Real was released November 2007 in North America. The M3 DS Real is an improvement over the previous generation M3 DS Simply, adding expansion pack functionality and high-capacity MicroSD support.

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  • 8

    Supports GBA homebrew with expansion pack

  • 8

    Supports larger 4GB+ MicroSD cards

  • 7

    Fits flush in to DS SLOT-1

  • 5

    GBA Expansion Pack fits flush into DS SLOT-2

  • 4

    No other software, hardware, patches, firmware required

  • 4

    Includes USB MicroSD flash card reader

  • 4

    Use of SLOT-1 device alone does not appear to affect battery life significantly

  • 3

    Simple, easy-to-use DS homebrew solution

  • 3

    Simple, fast M3Sakura firmware

  • 1

    Supports Real Time Save

  • -1

    built in software: contacts, calendar, notes, calculator and unit conversion.

  • 2

    Menu was better (clearer layout and more easily skinned) with M3 DS Simply

  • 2

    Slow loading and GUI with TouchPod firmware

  • 1

    GBA Expansion Pack severely drains battery (to 1 hour or so with a full charge) whether in use to play GBA games or not.

  • 1

    USB Micro SD flash card reader was garbage and had to be replaced within a week.

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gamekool: #m3_ds_real yes....you need a rumble ram pack to do Nov 11, 08
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digitalscrap.net: #m3_ds_real Does anyone know if worldwide wifi works with this product for use with homebrews? Jan 5, 08
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