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Pelican Xbox 360 Pro Cooler

$35.00 Released January, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Powered by USB so doesn't melt and ruin your 360. Adds more USB ports. Let's you use standard VGA, Component and other A/V cables.

The Cons:Covers wireless adapter slot. Not compatible with HDMI models. Fitting the cooler properly can be tricky.

Originally released as The Gamexpert Cooler King in the UK, the Pelican Pro Cooler is a 3-in-1 device that solves many issues with the Xbox 360. Similar to the Nyko Intercooler and Pelican's other device,  the Fan Stand, the Pro Cooler adds extra cooling capabilities to your Xbox 360 console that aims to extend the life of the console through reducing operating temperatures.

Product Shot 2 This product goes above and beyond the normal cooling duties and expands the Xbox 360's audio visual ports and removes the need for using expensive proprietary adapters.

The Pro Cooler passes through the power adapter, and converts the normal single 360 a/v output into separate component, composite, VGA, S-Video and optical audio outputs. Each of these expanded output ports follow the same standard as other electronic devices which allows you to use any cheap standard cable you have lying around the house. Instead of paying $40 for the VGA adapter, simply plug in a normal VGA cord that can be purchased for less than $5.

Lastly, the Pro Cooler acts as a USB hub that expands the 360's single rear USB ports into 4 different USB ports. This allows you to connect more media devices, wired controllers, and other peripherals without exhausting all of your USB ports. Unlike the Nykon device which draws power from the power port and has a notorious reputation for malfunctioning and even ruining your Xbox 360, the Pro Cooler draws power from the USB port which is regulated diminishing the possibility of a surge.

Note: In its current configuration, the Pro Cooler does not work with Xbox 360 consoles that have an HDMI port built in, this includes the Elite and Halo, and newer versions of the Arcade and Premium.

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    Powered by USB so doesn't melt and ruin your 360

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    Adds more USB ports

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    Let's you use standard VGA, Component and other A/V cables

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    Covers wireless adapter slot

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    Not compatible with HDMI models

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    Fitting the cooler properly can be tricky

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RoRO: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler I have a question. I recently purchased the air flo cooler for my xbox, howver, within a week my screen froze and a error message popped up on my tv. Being that the product was made by Pelican would anyone know the customer support number. If you do I would greatly appreciate it. Feb 7, 08
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Srinivassa: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler I think one of the cons needs to be changed from "covers your HDMI port" to "current model will not fit on 360s with an HDMI port."

It seems that from what I've read from the above poster and a couple of other places this is true. That is that Microsoft rearranged several of the inputs on the back of the 360 in order to make room for the HDMI port. The current version of the Pelican Xbox 360 Pro Cooler actually will not fit onto any of the models with an HDMI port (Pro, Elite, and Halo apparently).



That being said, the HUGE pro for this thing is that it cools the Xbox more successfully and does so with a USB Power Port. The old Nykos used to destroy interior parts of the 360 by draining power from them. A USB powered cooler should not draw power away from any vital components. If there is not enough power to power all your USB devices, they just don't work. The critical components inside your Xbox should still have the power they need, making a warrany-voiding RROD much less likely.

It still seems they need a better cooling solution for the 360. Incidentally, does the Pelican Pro Cooler force you to stand your Xbox in the upright position? I was assuming no, but I know the older Pelican cooler did. I guess I am going to have to wait for the "Pelican Pro Xbox 360 Cooler HDMI Version" or something before I can get a decent cooling solution for my 360. Feb 2, 08
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    Anonymous: of course its just for xbox 360 stander Jan 2, 14

Omar: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler From my research the problem isn't that the WiFi adapter doesn't work, it's that the Cooler blocks the adapter slot so it doesn't snap in nicely. It's an aesthetic thing more than anything. Jan 9, 08
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GameWizard: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler

I don't know why the description shows a price in USD for this because I have only ever seen it sold in the UK and none of the dealers there will accept credit cards from outside UK or ship outside UK so I couldn't get one but now it is being sold in USA under the Pelican Air Flo or Pelican Pro Cooler name for $14.99 which is a lot cheaper than the 30 pounds ($60) plus shipping it would have cost to import one.

This is a lot better than the Nyko Intercooler because it draws it's power from the USB port, which is regulated. The Nyko draws power from the power port and when it starts up the surge from the fans can interrupt the flow of juice to the 360 and cause it to shut down. The surge can also burn out the power port and void your warranty. The Nyko also doesn't draw the hot air out of the 360. It circulates it around inside which can cause the machine to get hotter and bring on the red ring of death.

This cooler doesn't work with HDMI equipped models, though, so if you have an Elite, Pro, or Halo Edition console, you won't be able to use it. The old Core and Premium systems will work with it. I am not sure about the new Arcade model or the Simpsons Movie console. If it is not HDMI, and MS didn't move any of the ports around then it should be ok. If nothing else, you get a USB hub and component video with cables for cheap so it is worth it if only for that.


One other thing, if you use the VGA port, you will also need to route the audio signal from either the optical port or pull it off of the component jacks. The Microsoft VGA cable has red and white RCA connectors for this but the VGA port on this does not carry audio. You can use the cables that are included with cooler, though, so you won't have to buy them. Overall this is a nice add on for 360's without HDMI video and cheap insurance against the red ring of death. If your older 360 hasn't become a customer service nightmare yet, then you had better get one of these. It will save you far more than it's cost in grief if it can prolong the life of your console.

Can someone explain to me how this prevents you from using the wi-fi adapter? The last time I checked it plugged into a USB port and this gives you more of those than you had before, so how is wi-fi unusable?

Jan 9, 08
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Omar: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler I think it's a lot of a placebo effect, but I don't think it can hurt. Some of these cooler fans have actually destroyed some 360s so you definitely have to be cautious about it. Apr 5, 07
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dialupinternetuser: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler Is a fan really that helpful, or is it just a ton of BS? Apr 2, 07
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Omar: #pelican_xbox_360_pro_cooler Man, this thing is so cool. I was thinking of picking up a VGA adapter so I could get some HD gaming on the cheap, but this is a way better solution as I already have a ton of VGA cables lying around. I think it's only available in the UK right now, but hopefully it's released in Canada sooner rather than later. Feb 19, 07
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